Lakeshore Police Patrols

The weather was picture-perfect on shore five days ago when tragedy occurred in Marquette, in the form of drownings.

It’s been much the same today, except for less wind.

That means plenty of swimmers hitting Picnic Rocks and Presque Isle, the 2 popular beaches that lifeguards don’t watch.

But now, someone is watching them.

Park patrol officers are looking after them for the Marquette Police.

Sgt. Ryan Grim says the patrol officers are out from noon to 8 every day, notifying swimmers of the water conditions and contacting 911 should they see someone in distress.

The patrols won’t be taking any officers away from other duties that they’d otherwise perform.

Sgt. Grim says the city just hired several people to go on the patrols.

And the goal is to have the patrols come back for the entire summer next year.

Contrary to previous reports from other media outlets, the police department plans to keep the officers on patrol until October 1st.

Seven people have drowned in Marquette since 2005, including three within the past three weeks.