Humboldt Going After ELF Site

The state of Michigan no longer wants an old submarine communication post in western Marquette County.

So the township in which it lies is trying to get it.

The Navy used to have an extremely low frequency communication post in Humboldt Township.

It’s known as an ELF station for short.

The township is trying to obtain the site through a U.S. House funding bill for 2 nuclear–powered navy destroyers.

Township supervisor Joe Derocha says from what he knows, Congressman Bart Stupak attached the acquisition of the ELF site to the destroyer bill.

The Navy used the ELF site from 1989 to 2005.

Last year, the township pitched it as a possible home for a new forensic lab.

But the State Police turned it down.

Derocha says they have several plans for re-use of the ELF site, but until the township can obtain title to the property, that’s all they are — plans.

He says it would be a shame for Washington to have to spend $400,000 to tear the property down.

A federal agency called the General Services Administration now owns the site.

That group disposes of military property the armed forces no longer need.

We’ll have more about this for you, including what potential uses the township wants to see at the ELF site, later this week on ABC 10 News Now.