Volunteer Snowplowing for Soldiers

We’re not in the right time of year for it right now.

But a national manufacturer with a plant in Iron Mountain wants to help military families.

SnowCare for Troops is a new partnership between Boss Snowplow and a nonprofit group called Project Evergreen.

It’s trying to connect military families nationwide with volunteers who can do free snow removal for them in the winter.

Mark Klossner of Boss Snowplow says with as many military families as we have in the U.P. and with as much snow as we have, the project seems like a great idea.

The project just kicked off about 2 weeks ago.

Boss Snowplow is hoping employees in the U.P. will get involved, joining others around the country who already have.

Klossner says about 40 people have volunteered around the country so far, and he expects there’ll be more once word of the project gets out.

If you’re in a military family and you could use the help, or if you want to volunteer your time and your plow, you can go online here to sign up for either of those things.