Looking Inside 911 Dispatch

911…it’s a number we all know.

But do we know its actual importance to the U.P.?

The Marquette County Central Dispatch generally receives 19,000 phone calls a year and responds to over 35,000 incidents.

Although we know the number by heart, many people don’t know when to call it for support and will instead call the Central Dispatch’s post phone number.

If someone calls 911, the emergency response crew immediately receives the location of the call and starts from there, rather than from scratch.

Occasionally, some callers can become impatient while on the phone waiting for help.

But many people don’t know what goes on while the caller is still on the phone.

Central Dispatch manager Joseph Van Oosterhout says the dispatcher is trying to gain as much information about the nature of the call as possible and is busy sending that information to the appropriate agencies while you might be waiting.

The Negaunee Post houses not only the Marquette County Central Dispatch, but the State Police Dispatch.

Central Dispatch is paid by a half-mill in taxes that comes up for renewal on the ballot every 6 years.