Wells Fargo Changes in Marquette

A national banking chain has a lot of changes in the works for Marquette in the next few months.

If you bank with them, your account and your personal information won’t change.

But some local customers will have to deal with certain changes.

It’s Wells Fargo.

Employees at local branches were unable to speak with us on camera.

They referred us to a regional banking communications rep.

She says the company is closing the Marquette Mall and Medical Center branches in Marquette this fall.

Accounts at the mall branch will be moved to a new branch at the former Aaron’s store in Marquette Township.

Accounts that customers opened at the Medical Center branch will be moved to the downtown branch on Washington Street.

One other change that will affect some customers — safe deposit boxes.

Both soon-to-close branches have offered boxes, and anyone with a box will have to turn in the key by August 20th.

Anyone closing a safe deposit box at those two branches who opens a new one of the same size downtown or in Harvey is eligible to get the box fees waived for a year.

The company also says all the employees at the Marquette Mall and the Medical Center are also being offered new jobs at the remaining Wells Fargo branches in the city.

Wells Fargo is also taking over as the new on-campus bank at Northern Michigan University.

The former TCF branch at the University Center will re-open as a Wells Fargo Wednesday of next week.