Safe Theft in Negaunee Township

State Police arrest the fourth and final subject that they say was involved in a home invasion case.

27-year-old Nicole Bart, 28-year-old Dana Rider, 48-year-old Kenneth Rider and 17-year-old Jason Rider have all been arraigned on the charge of 1st-degree home invasion.

That’s a 20-year felony.

The original incident took place on M–35 in Negaunee Township on May 25th.

The suspects are accused of stealing a steel safe that contained items including a .22-calibre pistol, two gold watches, a gold wedding ring, personal checks, money orders and a large sum of cash.

Police claim they removed the safe through a bedroom window, moved it to a remote location and broke into it.

Most of the paper documents were destroyed, and the money kept in the safe was spent.

Police did recover the safe, pistol, jewelry and other items.

All four suspects are in the Marquette County Jail on $50,000 cash bond.