MI Economic Stress Level Falling

Numbers show Michigan’s economic stress may be dropping somewhat.

That’s according to the Associated Press monthly study of conditions around the country.

Two-thirds of U.S. counties became healthier in May than they were in April.

Job gains in manufacturing, farming, hotels and restaurants helped some of the counties where stress declined the most.

The AP’s Economic Stress Index calculates a score for every county and state in the nation from 1 to 100 based on unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates.

A score above 11 indicates high economic stress.

Michigan saw one of the largest decreases in stress from month to month of any state.

Michigan’s stress rate came in at 16 out of 100 in April, and it dropped to 11 out of 100 in May.

Economists believe gains in manufacturing jobs helped reduce unemployment.

Even with the optimism, we still remain one of the 4 states with the most economic stress.