New 10% Tanning Tax

Starting today, tanning salons are bracing for the worst.

A 10% federal tax on bronzing businesses is now in effect.

Tanning beds are already experiencing budget woes, and their business concerns are on the rise.

But for now, avid tanners will see the charge per visit with an additional $1 bill for many services.

Sarah Duguay of Sunchaser Tanning in Marquette is worried the tax will hurt her business’ clientele.

Michelle LaMere of Country Village Tanning in Ishpeming says her salon is preparing for a customer cutback on tanning by either cutting back hours or offering special packages to keep people coming in.

The tanning tax will raise about $2.7 billion over the next 10 years, helping pay for the federal health care reform bill passed into law earlier this year.

As U.P. tanning salons wait to see how the tax will affect business, salons are also waiting in limbo about whether or not a proposed Michigan service tax will take effect, too.