Return to the Food Bank

Monday on ABC 10 News Now, we brought you a story about food banks seeing extremely low supplies this summer.

But the Central U.P. Food Bank in Ishpeming asked us to come back there to see how that’s affecting families first-hand.

Freddie Lee Marshall lives in Ishpeming and he’s been working at the Food Bank since February.

He says he enjoys getting to know the people who stop in and helping them through what can often be difficult times.

And there are plenty of people for him to help.

The Food Bank’s pantry days, like today, usually bring 250 to 300 families through the doors.

But the doors may have to close soon on the pantry days unless some more help from the community can come in.

Food Bank branch manager Dave Mason says they want to keep the pantry open, but they may have no choice but to shut it down.

He says they had to do so last year for about 6 months because not enough food or money was coming in.

Even so, Marshall says the Food Bank will still meet community needs — just not as large-scale as they’d like.