Gwinn’s New Middle School

Last night on ABC 10 News Now, we mentioned budget concerns in the Gwinn School District for next year.

It’s done something for the last 6 months to help deal with that pressure.

Part of that involves making room for the students who would have attended the now-closed Gwinn Middle School.

The old pool at the high school is being remodeled into a middle school complex.

The project started with demolition work last December.

Gwinn Superintendent Mike Maino says the new middle school complex should be completed in mid-July, in plenty of time for class this fall.

The move should save $100,000 a year in operating costs.

Maino returned to the superintendent job in 2007.

Since then, the district has lost nearly 40 students each year.

Maino says that with enrollment falling the way it is, the district simply can’t support four buildings anymore.

The school district closed the swimming pool and locker room areas in September 2006.