Beacon House Food Drive

Having a loved one hospitalized can be enough stress for a family already.

But having to travel to a different city can crank up the stress level a few notches.

Beacon House in Marquette provides a supportive and compassionate lodging facility for patients receiving medical care in the area, as well as their families.

They also feed the guest families.

Today, Beacon House received its largest food donation of the year so far.

Operations director Kellie Barry-Angeli says it was more than 600 pounds of food.

Beacon House opened its doors in 2002 and has housed more than 90,000 guests since then.

The nonprofit relies on donations from both its guests and the community at large to stay in operation.

Beacon House is looking for both food and monetary donations.

If you’d like to know more about how you can help them, you can call them at 225-7100.

Today’s big donation was courtesy of high school football players from around the U.P. who are in Marquette getting ready for the annual All-Star Game coming up this Saturday.

Randy Spieth has more about that tonight in ABC 10 Sports.