Handicap Ramps for Better Mobility

For more than 25 years, a local Kiwanis club has made it easier for hundreds of local people to get around.

The club observed a milestone today in its efforts to help people.

Jane King is 95 years old.

For nearly 60 of those years, she’s lived in the same house in Ishpeming.

She says for the last couple of years, two of her kids have suggested that she get a handicap ramp for some help getting around.

But two weeks ago, her kids called her with a surprise — she’d get a handicap ramp installed in front of her house for free.

The Greater Ishpeming Pioneer Kiwanis Club did it today as one of their community service projects.

It’s the 300th ramp they’ve installed, and the 10th so far this year.

Club president Terry Thompson says he feels great that they’ve been able to help a few hundred area people lead better lives with a greater ability to get out of the house.

One of the members recently worked on 100 of the club’s ramp projects in a row!

Don Ketchem had to break the streak because of medical issues, but he was at Jane’s house this morning and is working on a new streak.

Jane is thrilled that if she needs a ride somewhere, whomever is giving her a lift won’t have to wait anymore for her to get out her front door.

And the club won’t have to wait long, either, to put in ramp number 301.

It’s doing that next Tuesday.