DNRE Land For Sale

The Michigan DNRE has pieces of land across the Upper Peninsula that it no longer wants or needs.

And the agency is selling the land to anyone who might want it.

The U.P. parcels include a 1.75-acre parcel in Republic for just $700.

It’s a rare chance to buy large amounts of forestland at very reasonable prices.

DNRE western U.P. forest management supervisor Debbie Begalle says the agency usually exchanges land instead of selling it.

The parcels being auctioned off are new this summer.

Parcels that went up for bid earlier this year, but found no takers, are for sale.

Begalle says the one stumbling block may be lack of road access.

She says while the parcels really are a good deal, they’re often very difficult to get to.

You can head here if you want a list of all the land for sale or for auction.

The auctions and sales run through August 2nd.