Why Burn Old Flags?

As you likely noticed, the veterans’ groups burned those flags that were no longer fit for use.

But why were they using a method that some might object to?

Turns out burning is the only acceptable way to retire an old flag.

It can be done in just about any way as long as the occasion is kept respectful.

Larry Collister of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 380 says if you can’t burn a used flag yourself, you can contact a veterans’ group so that they can burn the flag for you.

As for the VVA, they have a mailbox in front of their building on US-41 that’s been converted into a drop-off box for worn-out flags.

Collister says the VVA has to empty the drop-off box every three to four weeks after people fill it up with flags.

The U.S. Flag Code, approved by Congress, considers the flag a living thing.

And that’s why just dumping your flag into the trash is thought of as unacceptable.