Flag Day Observance

Ceremonies across the country and in the U.P. serve as a reminder about our national symbol.

A crowd gathered at Veterans Memorial Park in Ishpeming for a Flag Day service.

The Stars and Stripes became America’s flag on June 14th, 1777.

This morning, the city’s VFW post and the Negaunee chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America gathered for a birthday observance for our national symbol.

Larry Collister, color honor guard commander for VVA Chapter 380, says that in the two hours he served in Vietnam, the flag was what he fought for.

He hopes everyone puts a flag outside their door.

Maurice Hansen, a trustee of VFW Post 4573, says for him the flag is a reminder to everyone who’s made it through their service safely of comrades who weren’t as fortunate.

But it became a national occasion in 1949 under President Harry Truman.