Munising Business Boom

The national, state and U.P. economy are still in rough shape.

But Munising apparently didn’t get the memo.

More than a dozen new businesses have entered the city within the last 6 months.

That includes both completely new ventures and existing businesses that decided to re-locate into town.

Quite a few are related to food service in some way — either specialty food shops or restaurants.

The latter category includes a new Pizza Hut.

Cathy Sprowl, U.P. district manager for Pizza Hut, says the restaurant will have 35 to 40 employees and most of them have already been hired.

Pizza Hut has never had a restaurant in Munising until now.

The company is renovating the old A&W on M-28 that’s been vacant for about 2 years.

The Pizza Hut employees start training next week.

Their target date to open the restaurant is June 28th.