Attracting Government Contracts to the U.P.

A complaint many of us have in the U.P. is that our kids usually have to leave the area to find good-paying jobs.

But what if local businesses could either find ways to bring better jobs here, or find ways to provide goods and services here that could go elsewhere?

The federal government spends more than $500 billion a year on services, supplies and construction.

Why not see some of that spent with U.P. companies?

Michigan Works! started a six-month training program today in Marquette in conjunction with George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Todd Olson of Michigan Works!’ Procurement Technical Assistance Center says thinking outside the box, and outside the U.P.’s geographic boundaries, are on the agenda.

Business leaders from Houghton County to Luce County started today with the basics of how to get government contracts.

Programs like this one through Michigan Works! help employers and job-seekers hone their skills for the ever-changing business world.