Drought Conditions Return

Much of the U.P. got some needed rain two days ago.

It came in an intense burst Tuesday afternoon and continued into the night in some spots.

But is it enough to relieve the drought conditions in the area?

The National Weather Service says no, it isn’t.

The rain was certainly an immediate help.

But they say since the conditions were very dry before the rain, and it’s very dry once again, it’s now almost as if the rain never fell at all.

NWS meteorologist Steve Fleegel says the western half of the U.P. is now once again experiencing severe drought conditions.

But some more drought relief is likely close at hand.

Fleegel says we have about an 80% chance of seeing some rain tomorrow.

And if we do get it, the rain should last through most of the night.

High pressure should return to the U.P. early next week.

It’s good news for hikers, swimmers or boaters.

But it’s bad for farmers and firefighters, as the fire danger will likely rise.