Record-Breaking Heat Continues

The question of the day — hot enough for you?

Most people are saying yes, with some saying it’s way too hot.

Record-breaking heat several days in a row has certainly mixed things up for all of us.

And it wasn’t just hot in the great outdoors — it was plenty hot indoors for schoolchildren.

Second-and-fourth-graders at Birchview Elementary in Ishpeming looked for ways to beat the heat.

They were fortunate to get to take a field trip to the waterfront at the Al Quaal Recreation Area.

Students from Mrs. Stiles’ 4th-grade class stuck to their indoor lesson plans.

They learned about multiplication while sitting outside in the shade of the school building.

The continuing warm weather is serious business, though.

Most of the U.P. is under a hazardous weather outlook for the next couple of days, with heat index values rising into the upper 80s.