Mareuette Assault Suspect Seeks Dismissal

Another day in court today for the man accused of attacking a Marquette woman and who’s also been named in a recent murder.

Attorneys for 33-year-old Ryan Saari were in Marquette County Circuit Court today.

They want charges of first-degree home invasion and felonious assault dismissed for lack of evidence.

Saari is accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend with a knife at a Marquette apartment complex in March.

State Police say they haven’t ruled out Saari as a possible suspect in the murder of Robert Dusseau.

However, there are several other potential suspects who also haven’t been ruled out.

That murder happened in late February at the Quik Cash & Guns Shop in Marquette Township.

Dusseau was one of the co-owners of that pawn shop.

You can read more about this in today’s edition of Marquette’s Mining Journal.