Hiring a Contractor, Part 1

Owning your home may be part of the American dream.

But it can also become a nightmare.

When it comes to a major renovation, putting on a new roof or remodeling a bathroom, hiring a contractor can be a necessity.

One way to make the interview process easier and safer is to make sure the contractor is licensed.

Emily Nutini of the U.P. Builders Association says posing as a builder or contractor in Michigan without a license will get you fined at least $5,000.

There are some important tips on hiring a contractor that are good to follow…

— Is the contractor licensed?

— Is the company insured?

— Has the company provided you any references?

— Have you checked those references?

Having a contractor doing a project at your home can be stressful.

But with a licensed contractor, you have recourse in case something goes wrong.

Tomorrow night, we’ll have a look at other tips that can help you hire not just a licensed contractor, but the right one for your project.