NMU’s WiMax Reaching Ishpeming

Northern Michigan University is expanding its high-speed wireless Internet network again.

This time, the WiMax network is about to reach Ishpeming.

NMU director of broadcast and audio-visual services Eric Smith says the equipment is in place, and after a week or two of testing, it should be ready to come online.

On Friday, crews installed antennae at the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum on top of the head frame to the old ‘C’ shaft.

Last fall, NMU became one of the first universities in the country to use the WiMax network.

The school also has antennae already operating in Marquette and Negaunee.

NMU is also in talks with the Forsyth Township Board about putting up two antennae there.

They’d both go on water towers — one at K.I. Sawyer and another near the center of Gwinn.