Economy & RVing

With Memorial Day weekend two weeks away, the price of gas can affect U.P. tourism.

As we continue our look at how the U.P. economy compares to the nation, we go on the road.

Campgrounds across the area are getting ready to open for the season.

The Country Village RV Park in Ishpeming starts its season tomorrow.

And while many of us across the country have scaled back vacation plans, Gary Reynolds of Hilltop RV in Escanaba, and Debora Darga of Country Village RV, say the entertainment value and lifestyle of camping has not been dialed back even with higher gas prices.

Any sort of vacation has a cost factor, and that includes owning and traveling in an RV.

Lenders are telling us many credit union members are easily able to secure financing.

The RV and campground industries in the U.P. may not be completely immune from the economic woes that are hitting other areas.

but camper Tammy Maki tells us it has a lot less to do with cash flow than it has to do with quality of life.

Tomorrow, The RV industry is celebrating 100 years of camping.

So, tomorrow night on ABC 10 News Now, we’ll take a look back in time at some of the changes since 1910.