International Award for U.P. Alzheimer’s Memoir

A local author has received international attention for her experience as a caregiver.

Iron Mountain native Lisa Cerasoli has been named the winner at the Paris Book Festival for her memoir, “As Nora Jo Fades Away”.

The book is based on Cerasoli’s grandmother, Nora Jo, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

The memoir won’t be officially released in print until this summer, but already the writer is helping raise awareness.

Cerasoli calls the book a survivor guide for caregivers.

She says she hopes it’ll help comfort others caring for a loved one who has any form of dementia.

After writing “As Nora Jo Fades Away”, Cerasoli recommends other caregivers write down memories of their loved ones to help them cope with the illness.

You can find advance copies of “As Nora Jo Fades Away” in downtown Marquette at Mary’s Closet and Snowbound Books, as well as in Ishpeming’s Country Village.