Police Looking Into Fatal Wreck

Police are asking for more help tonight looking into a weekend 3-car head-on crash that left a man dead.

It all happened just after 10 Saturday morning on US-41 at the south entrance to Shiras Hills.

Marquette Police say a blue sedan was in the northbound lane, heading the wrong way.

The car hit a northbound truck and then ran into a sedan.

The driver of the wrong-way car, 64-year-old Jay Robbins of Gwinn, died later in the day Saturday.

His 6-year-old grandson was a passenger in the car.

The boy was examined at Marquette General Hospital and released.

The drivers of the other 2 vehicles, and 2 passengers in the truck, were treated for minor injuries.

If you have any information that would help determine exactly what happened, the Marquette Police are asking you to call them at 228-0400.

Chief Mike Angeli says they’re concerned that there have been several severe accidents on that stretch of road recently.

He says all those have been byproducts of drivers getting distracted for one reason or another.