Gladstone Woman Trying to Win ‘Lost’ Promo Contest

One of ABC’s more successful shows of the last few years is in its last year on the air.

The producers of ‘Lost’ want to celebrate the show’s fans by letting a fan produce an actual TV promotional spot for the show.

And a ‘Lost’ fan from the U.P. has a realistic chance of getting to do that.

Meghan O’Donnell of Gladstone and her husband run a video production company out of their home, so this contest is right up their alley.

She was one of about 7,000 fans that entered the contest 6 weeks ago.

ABC network staff quietly narrowed down the entries to what they considered the top 20.

Meghan’s promo was one of them.

Then at the end of March, they cut it down to 5 finalists and Meghan made the cut again.

Because of ABC network legal reasons, we’re not allowed to show you Meghan’s ‘Lost’ promo ourselves.

But you can still watch it and vote for it as your favorite.

When you get to that site, you can watch all 5 final entries.

You can log on to vote once per day.

The contest runs through this Friday.

We’ll let you know how it turns out!