Ishpeming Fire Totals 2 Homes

Two homes in Ishpeming are a total loss tonight after a fire this morning.

The blaze started shortly after 9 this morning at 914 North Second Street.

It lit up the first floor before spreading to both the basement and the second floor.

A passer-by on her way home from a shopping trip saw the smoke from US-41 and checked it out.

Once she got close, she had to stay whether she wanted to or not.

Colleen Weyer says that’s because the smoke was so dense that she had no choice but to pull over.

But she made the most of her time at the fire scene.

She, and several other onlookers, saw something happen not too long after the first fire crews arrived.

Weyer says they all saw the flames jump from the 914 house to the 920 house next door.

They let the firefighters know what had happened.

All the people in both homes got out safely.

But several dogs the 2 families had are believed to have died.

There’s been no word yet on a possible cause of that fire.