Michigan AG Joins Federal Lawsuit

The health care reform bill met strong opposition from conservatives when it was passed by the House of Representatives 3 weeks ago.

That opposition included Michigan’s Attorney General.

Along with officials in 11 other states, Mike Cox filed a lawsuit in federal court, challenging the bill’s constitutionality after President Obama signed it into law.

Governor Jennifer Granholm has told Cox that she wants him to drop the lawsuit, since she never asked for Michigan to join it.

The governor cannot force Cox to drop the suit, but if she wishes, she can hire her own lawyers to represent an opposing viewpoint.

He was in Escanaba on Friday for the Tea Party Express tour stop, and we spoke with him then.

Cox says 20 state attorneys general are now joining in the lawsuit.

Cox says he believes the case will go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and he’s confident his side will come out on top.