How Should NMU Balance Its Budget?

Northern Michigan University’s president shares future plans for the school to attempt to ride out declining state revenue.

At a campus forum this afternoon, Dr. Les Wong discussed a 2-step plan to help balance NMU’s budget.

Until June 30th, the university will work on a to-do list of how it should balance the 2010-2011 budget.

Energy conservation measures and early retirement incentives are already on the list.

Then from July 1st through next January 15th, there’ll be a thorough review of the school’s programs.

By using a more dynamic picture of how the school wants to grow, where it should put its money and how it should reshape its campus, Dr. Wong hopes the changes in the next 10 months will not only create a more resilient university but also bring economic opportunities to Marquette.

38 other states have joined Michigan in making cuts to higher education.