Too Many Students for North Star Elementary?

Marquette Township’s charter school says it’ll have its expansion ready by September.

And plenty of families are interested in North Star Academy’s new elementary school — perhaps too many.

As UGN News reported last week, the charter school recently got approval for a construction loan.

It’s more than $2.5 million.

Enrollment for North Star Elementary is strong.

There are actually too many interested students for some of the grade levels.

But North Star CEO Karen Anderson isn’t overly worried about that.

She says they’ll likely have some students whose families decide they’re not interested, as well as some whose families will move out of the area over the summer.

Marquette Township has been without an elementary school since last summer, when students left Vandenboom School for the final time.

North Star will have a groundbreaking ceremony for the new elementary school on April 28th.