Alger-Delta Gets Easement for Kennecott Electric Work

The owner of a farm in Powell Township loses his court case against the Alger-Delta Electric Co-Op.

The company sued Tom Baldwin, the owner of Granot Loma Farms, to make him comply with its request for easements on his land.

Circuit Judge Thomas Solka ruled that since Baldwin is a member of the co-op, he doesn’t deserve to be paid for the easements.

If Baldwin refuses to go along, Alger-Delta will bill him for the costs of going around his land.

Baldwin has until April 13th to figure out which option he’ll take.

Alger-Delta wanted the easements to build new utility poles, along with the guide wires that hold the poles upright.

Co-op officials have said they’re replacing the power line for 2 reasons: to better serve growth in Powell Township and to also serve Kennecott Minerals.

Baldwin has said he didn’t buy the land so that it could be taken for nothing to allow Kennecott to make money, and that was why he hasn’t comply with the easements.