Sagola Wildfire Extinguished

The wildfire that shut down parts of M-95 in Dickinson County last night is out tonight.

It started shortly before 5pm Central time yesterday in the Floodwood area of Sagola.

DNRE firefighters tackled the blaze, along with volunteer crews from Sagola, Republic and Breitung Townships.

The blaze came within a matter of yards of reaching M-95 but didn’t touch the highway.

The DNRE crews stayed to monitor possible hot spots, but the other crews cleared the scene at about 8 Central time last night.

Sagola firefighters got called back out to the scene a few hours later and stayed for a little under an hour.

The DNRE checked the scene again this morning, but there were no flames left for them to check out.

They’re still looking into a cause.

There weren’t any buildings in the fire’s path, and none of the firefighters were hurt.