Kennecott’s Response to DNRE Appeal

The company behind the Eagle Mine responds to the environmental groups taking it to court.

The National Wildlife Federation is joining the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, the Huron Mountain Club and the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.

The 4 groups have stood together against Kennecott for quite some time.

They’ve asked a downstate court, in writing, the review the DNRE’s decision to let the Kennecott Eagle Project move forward.

The DNRE did that in January.

The company says it’s still reviewing the petitions.

But Kennecott says in a written statement,

“…petitioners’ appeals were expected.

Petitioners said they would appeal the agency’s final decision.

They have now done so, and we are prepared to respond in court.

Kenecott remains confident in our legal position and that it will prevail.

The underlying record in the case is strong, and supportive of the State’s decision to grant environmental permits for building, operating and reclaiming the mine.”

We’ve asked Kennecott for the last several days what that response will be, but the company declined.