U.P. Author’s Alzheimer’s Memoir

A U.P. author puts her own experience dealing with Alzheimer’s into words for others.

Lisa Cerasoli is an Iron Mountain native.

In 2006, he grandmother, Nora Jo, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia.

As a previously published author, Serasoli decided to write about her experience dealing with her grandmother’s dementia.

The result is her new book, “As Nora Jo Fades Away: Confessions of a Caregiver”.

The memoir combines humor and heartfelt memories that any family can relate to.

Through “As Nora Jo Fades Away”, Serasoli says she hopes others can understand the disease more thoroughly.

“As Nora Jo Fades Away” will be unveiled at the Alzheimer’s Association seminar April 19th.

To read excerpts from “As Nora Jo Fades Away” or from Serasoli’s previous book, you can check out www.lisacerasoli.com .