Fisherman Missing After Fall Through Ice

Searchers are combing the Michigamme Reservoir for a Mansfield Township man who fell through the ice while fishing.

It happened on the northern side of the reservoir, near the Way Dam in Iron County, at about 7:30 Central time last night.

The Sheriff’s Department there, the Delta County Sheriff’s Department dive team and DNRE staff are all taking part in the search.

The DNRE also has a plane searching the area.

Police say the missing man, and another Mansfield Township fisherman, fell through the ice as they were riding 4-wheelers.

One of them got himself out of the frigid reservoir by himself.

Police say he hiked several miles in the dark to a house and called to report his friend missing.

That call came in at about 8:30 Central time this morning.

We’ll have more about this on UGN News as it becomes available.