Diocese Investigates Bishop Baraga Miracle

The investigations begins into the cause of the U.P.’s ‘snowshoe priest’ as a possible saint.

On Wednesday, the Marquette Catholic diocese said they’d been told of a possible miracle being attributed to Bishop Frederic Baraga.

The diocese began the initial investigation today by obtaining the signatures of the people on the tribunal that’ll look into the claim.

The group will interview various witnesses related to the possible miracle, where someone in the diocese was cured of a medical problem in 2006 through prayers to Bishop Baraga and the use of the bishop’s own stole.

Bishop Alexander Sample says they’ll have to talk not just with the physicians who diagnosed the medical problem and said it vanished without any treatment on their part.

They’ll also have to ask witnesses about the claim that this happened through the direct intercession of Bishop Baraga after the prayers to him.

Rev. Ronald Browne is leading the tribunal.

He says they’ll start interviewing witnesses on March 25th, when they’ll head to Sault Ste. Marie.

The tribunal has until mid-July to finish the investigation.

That’s when the diocese’s postulator from Rome will come collect all the information the tribunal turns up.