100 Liquor Bottles Stolen from Arnold Bar

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department is looking for whoever stole 100 bottles of liquor from a southern Marquette County bar.

It happened at Gary’s Knotty Pine Bar on County Road 426 in Arnold.

Police say the break-in happened sometime between midnight and 6am yesterday.

The thief, or thieves, got in by prying the east door of the building open.

Deupties took fingerprints from the door, and other evidence, and they’ve sent it to the Marquette State Police Forensic Lab.

The Sheriff’s Department has received a tip in the case, though.

They’re looking for a vehicle of interest and its driver.

Police say it’s a 10-to-20-year-old white Toyota pickup truck that has gray graphics on the sides.

It had a dark wooden box, about 4 feet wide, in its bed.

The box had the name of the bar stenciled on it in white letters.

The truck was seen on Danforth Road and US-41 in Escanaba shortly before 8 yesterday morning, driving toward the center of town.

If you’ve seen that truck, the Sheriff’s Department is asking you to call them at 225-8435.