Worst-Case Scenario for Negaunee Schools

New information today about the budget hole for Negaunee schools, specifically how much of a hole they’ll have to fill in the coming months.

UGN News was in Negaunee last night, when the school board held a workshop about the upcoming deficit.

Confirmation has come in today that it’ll be the maximum amount possible — $1.2 million.

Like other districts, more than 80% of Negaunee’s funding comes from state revenue sharing.

Negaunee Superintendent Jim Derocher says Lansing told them just this morning that the worst-case scenario they were told to prepare for is exactly where they are.

The decisions about where the money will come from will be painful.

Derocher says some of it will have to come from teachers’ union and custodial union labor concessions.

Both unions have contract talks with the district this summer.