Proposal for Longer Term Limits

A downstate lawmaker wants to change the state constitution to allow people to serve longer in Lansing — up to 12 years for each chamber.

Michigan now allows members of the legislature to serve a total of 6 years in the House and a maximum of 8 years in the Senate.

A Democratic state rep from East Lansing outlined his idea to amend the state constitution at the capitol yesterday.

His bill would keep the number of terms anyone can serve in either chamber the same — 3 in the house and 2 in the Senate.

But the lengths of the terms for each body would change.

State House terms would grow from 2 years to 4.

Senate terms would expand from 4 years to 6.

The term limits for the governor, lieutenant governor and Secretary of State wouldn’t change.

Those are all 8 years — a pair of 4-year terms.

The proposal would also require candidates for AG and for Secretary of State to be chosen through primary elections.

They’re done through state conventions now.