Kennecott Eagle Manager on Humboldt Permits

Kennecott Minerals is now able to move forward to re-open the old Humboldt Mill.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has granted the company all the state environmental permits it needed.

Kennecott will now be able to work on revitalizing the mill.

Eagle Project Manager Jon Cherry says the company will start preparing for construction so that the work can start later this year.

The mill will be used to grind rocks extracted from the ground at the proposed Eagle Mine and to get copper and nickel ore out of those rocks.

Cherry says the total cost of the Eagle Mine and the re-use of the mill will be $300 million.

There are still opponents of the project who are concerned about its environmental effects.

Tonight on the UGN News at 10 on the CW and the Late News at 11, we’ll also hear from the National Wildlife Federation about their concerns.