Granholm Promises to Continue Promise Scholarship

Governor Jennifer Granholm has pledged to find the money to keep Michigan’s college scholarship to attend in-state schools going.

The Promise Scholarship gives up to $4,000 per student, based on high school academic performance.

The head of NMU’s student government says there’s still a long way to go, because it’s the legislature that has to come up with the money, but this is a very positive first step.

ASNMU President Jason Morgan says he was very pleased to hear the governor mention that as part of her State of the State address last week.

The high school class of 2007 was the first one in Michigan to get the Promise Scholarship.

Morgan was part of that class, and he received the scholarship himself.

He helped spread word about it at a rally at NMU last July.

Morgan says in his experience, Marquette State Rep Steve Lindberg and Ishpeming State Senator Mike Prusi have been very receptive to the scholarship.

He says it’s mainly been some lawmakers in the Lower Peninsula who’ve opposed it.