Support Network for Former Inmates

A U.P. nonprofit group is making progress in turning former prisoners’ lives around.

Targeted Restart, Inc. aims to help former inmates with mentoring services, family support groups, career help and job placement.

Last fall, the group started networking and getting word out about itself.

They now have a group of mentors to help ex-offenders.

Executive director Anthony Eagle says this month, they were able to secure a location on West Fair Avenue in Marquette.

Targeted Restart hopes to soon take referrals to the program to help more former inmates.

Eagle says it won’t be just the ex-offenders who’ll benefit.

He says the community as a whole will improve because it should decrease recidivism — ex-offenders committing further crimes.

If you want to get involved, either to get help or to serve as a volunteer, you can call Targeted Restart at 228-2602.

The group is holding a fundraising dinner and dance on February 12th at Grace United Methodist Church.