Graveraet Vote Likely Coming in 2 Weeks

It’s been a while in coming.

But 2 weeks from now, we should know where Marquette 5th-graders will be going to school this fall.

This year, they’re in Graveraet Intermediate School, and the 5th-graders are the only students in the building.

Marquette’s superintendent is out of town for the remainder of the week, but we were still able to reach him.

Even with no decision from the school board last night, Hartwig thinks they will vote the next time they meet, which is February 8th.

Hartwig is also dismayed at some of what he’s heard in the media, and elsewhere, about what would happen to Graveraet if the students leave.

He says he’s heard people say it would be closed, but the board hasn’t talked about that at all.

Hartwig says they want to keep it and Kaufman Auditorium open even if students aren’t there anymore, and he says people may be misunderstanding what’s going on if they think it’ll close right now.

Graveraet is more than 80 years old.

It was a high school before Marquette Senior High School was built.