Ishpeming Starting Manager Contract Talks

The city of Ishpeming moves closer to finding its new city manager.

The last time the city council got together, it picked Trenton, Florida city manager Jered Ottenweiss as its top choice.

Since then, council members have done a thorough background investigation on Ottenweiss and they say they’ve heard nothing but positive things about him.

Based on the background check, the council has voted to start contract talks with Ottenweiss.

Interim manager Jim Bjorne says he and the councilors really like Ottenweiss’s energy and enthusiasm, as well as his background in urban planning, something that could be put to use to grow the city.

The council will talk about this some more at future meetings.

Bjorne hopes the new city manager, whether it ends up being Ottenweiss or someone else, will be in town and start the job by the first or second week of March.