Roundhouse Deadline Won’t Affect Land Plans

The developers who want to buy, and build on, Marquette’s roundhouse property have 4 more weeks to get moving.

But one of the main people behind Seventh Street Development LLC says the new deadline won’t affect the group at all.

Barry Polzin says, deadline or no deadline, they were already planning to present a sale contract to the city later this month anyway.

The city got the land appraised at $734,000, which only holds if there were clean.

But according to the DEQ, that’s not the case.

Polzin says the land has quite a bit of contamination left over from its old railroad use, but not enough to prevent development.

In light of that, he thinks it’s a matter of agreeing with the city on a fair price and on the best way to deal with the contamination.

Those talks about a fair price and about how the cleanup should go should continue in the coming weeks.