From Massachusetts, to Dallas, to Marquette County

A Massachusetts man, on the run from authorities in Texas, is arrested in Marquette Township this morning.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says it’s 22-year-old Michael Barton from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Springfield is in the western part of the state, 90 miles west of Boston.

Police say they were told that Barton would likely be coming to the area by bus and that he was wanted in Dallas, Texas for methamphetamine possession.

Deputies arrested him at the MarqTran bus depot in Marquette Township without incident shortly after 6 this morning.

Barton was scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on a fugitive warrant.

After that, he’d get the chance to either waive or fight extradition back to Dallas.

That was happening just before 5pm, which was the last time we checked in with the courthouse.

No word yet on which of those things Barton decided to do.