Armed Standoff in Forsyth Township

Police from across the area have been in Gwinn for most of the day because of an armed man barricading himself in a house.

They now have the man in custody.

Forsyth Township Police say they got a call about it shortly after 8 this morning.

A man barricaded himself inside a home on North Maple Hill Drive.

And he was apparently the same person who made the 911 call.

He refused help when officers got there.

The entire area was blocked off at Carpenter Avenue for most of the day.

People who were already in their homes in the area were allowed to leave if they wished.

But no one was being allowed in other than law enforcement.

That includes the township Police and Fire Departments, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department and the State Police Emergency Response Teams from both the U.P. and the Lower Peninsula.

The man apparently left notes outside the door to communicate with police.

Earlier in the day, the phone lines were turned off.

Late this afternoon, UPPCO crews were on their way to the area to shut off the electricity.

He was arrested at about 5pm tonight, and we’ll have more about this as more details become available.