Orphanage Owner Bankrupt

The City of Marquette has been after the owner of the Altamont Street orphanage to clean it up or tear it down.

But that process has now ground to a halt because the owner says he’s bankrupt.

Phoenix, Arizona businessman Roger Rinne has filed for Chapter 13 federal bankruptcy protection.

Marquette City Attorney Ron Keefe couldn’t meet with us on camera, but he did tell us Rinne filed for bankruptcy on November 13th in Phoenix.

The city got notice of it within the last 2 weeks or so.

Rinne owes Marquette about $6,000 in fines for building code violations at the orphanage.

In August, a local judge ordered him to pay the fines and take other action to clean up the orphanage within specified periods of time.

Rinne hasn’t done any of those things.

Keefe says the bankruptcy filing has put the case on hold.

He says until Rinne gets himself out of bankruptcy, the city won’t be able to collect a penny from him.