John Stamos Extortion Case on Hold

No word yet on the next federal court appearance for the Marquette man and woman accused of trying to blackmail actor John Stamos.

30-year-old Scott Sippola and 23-year-old Allison Coss were scheduled to appear in Marquette U.S. District Court this morning.

Anyone charged with a federal crime has a right to a preliminary exam within 20 days of their arrest.

But Sippola and Coss both waived that right, so they didn’t have to appear in court.

They may still have the prelim exam later, however.

FBI agents claim the 2 contacted Stamos to blackmail him out of $680,000 to keep supposedly-damaging photos of him out of the media.

Federal agents made contact with the suspects, claiming to be representatives of Stamos.

They arranged a meeting with the suspects at Sawyer Airport to exchange the money for the photos.

That meeting happened on December 2nd, and the FBI arrested Sippola and Coss there.