Kingsford Forger Jailed

A Kingsford man who recently stole checks in the city is now going to jail for 6 months across the state line.

30-year-old Timothy Branham has pleaded no contest to 2 counts of forgery.

He’d been facing 5 counts of that in Florence, Wisconsin, as well as misdemeanor theft of movable property.

But prosecutors dismissed that charge, and 3 of the 5 forgery counts, in a plea bargain.

Branham will have to pay the State Bank of Florence about $1,200 restitution.

He opened an account in May and cashed 4 checks in the next few days.

The bank later had all 4 returned to it with an ‘Account Closed’ stamp.

Branham recently spent 5 months in jail in Iron Mountain for stealing checks in Kingsford and using those to draw money from the same bank.